Gen X Radio Suffolk

Gen X Radio Suffolk is the brainchild of local radio veteran James Hazell, who has been serving the listeners of East Anglia for over 35 years. In that time, Suffolk has seen a dramatic demise of local commercial radio. Suffolk was one of the first to launch local radio in 1975 with Radio Orwell and we now have no commercial stations broadcasting from here. This not only presents a huge reduction in listener choice but financially prohibits small to medium-sized businesses from the proven benefits of radio advertising.

The mission of James and his team was to bring genuine and affordable local radio back to Suffolk – a goal we have now achieved. The station is a lively entertaining local mix of chat, news, and debate, laced with the brilliant music of the last sixty years. And, of course, we have plenty of fun along the way.

Gen X Radio is a proud advocate of Suffolk. We support those who are making a positive difference to Suffolk life and we will challenge those in a position to affect our county. We forge relationships with the county’s listeners and businesses alike and provide a trusted friend and an engaging and entertaining platform for all.

The proud county of Suffolk deserves a radio station to be proud of… Our mission at Gen X Radio Suffolk is to be that radio station.