What we fund

Our charity is set up to fund Only Suffolk-based registered charities for either an ongoing project
or a new project. Grants are awarded in January/February of the year preceding example
money raised this year will be awarded in January/February of the following year.

Applying for a grant does not guarantee an award of the grant requested and the final decision
will be dependent upon the amount of money raised and the decision of the Trustees to whom
grants will be awarded.

Grants may not be awarded in full as this is wholly dependent on the amount of money raised.

Once the decision has been made who will be warded you will be notified by email. Cheques will be
awarded at a “Cheque” giving ceremony in the January or February which you will be expected to attend
to receive the grant cheque.

We kindly ask that if you are awarded a grant that you acknowledge receipt by way of a letter or
certificate for our records which may be used in future promotions and will also be submitted to the
Charity commissioner for proof that we have awarded such grant to your charity.