About Us

Charities that have been helped by Cabs Smart previously are:

Operation Santa Appeal is a charity that was established by Cabs Smart in 2023. We are advocates of giving back to the community we serve each year which is why we have been awarding grants to local charities. Money is raised by holding various events throughout the year and with the help of Gen X Radio Suffolk where live auctions to raise money for the charity will be held.

How the Charity Works

At the start of each year, we encourage the general public and local businesses to get involved by coming up with money raising ideas and donating the money to OSA. In September the Staff at Cabs Smart then start calling around to local and nationwide companies for gift donations. These will be items that the general public might not usually be able to get hold of.

For example: –

  • A Day out to the Races
  • A Balloon trip
  • Day out at the Houses of Parliament
  • Many more. 

These items will be logged and banked by our team and the first week of December each year our local radio station will spend the weekend (Saturday & Sunday) running a live auction to sell these items to the highest bidders. During these auction times we also have items for instant sales.

Such as:  

  • MOT
  • Beauty Treatment
  • Gift Vouchers

These will be sold at fixed prices. Also, during the two-day auction we add in the donations that have been made to OSA throughout the year by the companies that have been fundraising.